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Rockstar games has released some information about the new downloadable content for the Xbox360, it's exclusive to the GTA fansites.It's a list of Xbox360 achievements: The Lost and Damned. Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned Achievements Get Good Wood 50 In the Bike Races, whack off 69 bikers with a bat. Not too long after the release of the PC version, some problems have occured to some users running GTA IV (PC). Here you will find all known information about the new chapter in the Grand Theft Auto series.This section is regularly updated with the newest media and infos available. Discovered by - This is not necessarily the first person to discover a vehicle, but rather the first person to report it to me.

Active discussion about the new GTA can always be found in our GTA4 forum! To be more exact, the pigeons guide has completely been revamped from scratch.

Rockstar Games found some problems with the GTA IV PC version that might occur to some users.

Rockstar games would like to assure these users that they do anything they can to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.

While this guide's scope does not really involve spoiling anything, due to what is required of it, the potential for small spoilers, such as names or events is present. ======================================================== TABLE OF CONTENTS ======================================================== 1: Terms in the guide 2: Parking Spots 3: Everything-proofed (CP) vehicles and how to create them 4: Unique vehicles 4.1 - Roman's Taxi 4.2 - Police Stockade (1st of 2) 4.3 - Police Stockade (2nd of 2) 4.4 - Romero's Hearse 5: Specially colored/featured vehicles 5.1 - Black Esperanto 5.2 - Beige Willard (1st of 2) 5.3 - Beige Willard (2nd of 2) 5.4 - Maroon Flatbed 5.5 - Red or Purple Luster Black Schafter w/ silver grill 5.6 - Red, Green, or Blue Luster Black Sultan 5.7 - Black Schafter w/ silver grill (1st of 4) 5.8 - Black Schafter w/ silver grill (2nd of 4) 5.9 - Rich Yellow Comet 5.10 - Bright Green Infernus 5.11 - Light Blue Super GT 5.12 - Yellow Patriot (1st of 3) 5.13 - Beige and Fuschia Voodoo 5.14 - Yellow Patriot (2nd of 3) 5.15 - Cavalcade w/ dark rims 5.16 - Yellow Patriot (3rd of 3) 5.17 - Dark Gray Sabre GT w/ black stripe 5.18 - Green or Red Luster Black Sentinel 5.19 - Metallic Blue Dukes 5.20 - Intruder w/ extended bumpers and spoiler 5.21 - Oracle w/ extended front bumper 5.22 - Gray Banshee w/ black stripe 5.23 - PMP 600 w/ hybrid grill 5.24 - Freeway w/ large mufflers and engine 5.25 - Green or Blue Luster Black Contender 5.26 - Chrome Red Biff 5.27 - Chrome Red Sanchez (1st of 2) 5.28 - Pink Feltzer 5.29 - Black Schafter w/ silver grill (3rd of 4) 5.30 - Pink, Light Green, or Light Blue Luster Gray Comet 5.31 - Gold or Orange Infernus w/ black side stripe 5.32 - Jet Black Lokus 5.33 - Chrome Red Sanchez (2nd of 2) 5.34 - Black Schafter w/ silver grill (4th of 4) 5.35 - Red, Green, or Blue Luster Black PMP 600 w/ hybrid grill 5.36 - Beater Emperor w/ green roof 6: Unobtainable special vehicles 6.1 - Black Schafter w/ silver grill 6.2 - Speedo w/ flat-screens 7: Rare vehicles 7.1 - NOOSE Cruiser 7.2 - Police Maverick 7.3 - Red and Black Virgo 7.4 - Black and Gold Huntley Sport 8: Brucie and Stevie cars Brucie's: 8.1 - Blue Banshee w/ white stripe (confirmed) 8.2 - Chrome Red Cavalcade w/ black rims (confirmed) 8.3 - Cream Feltzer 8.4 - Gray Intruder w/ dark gray bottom stripe 8.5 - Chrome Red and Black NRG 900 (confirmed) 8.6 - Plain Gray Patriot 8.7 - Gray PCJ 600 8.8 - Crimson PMP 600 (confirmed) 8.9 - "Vice City" Sabre GT 8.10 - Red Sanchez 9: Unconfirmed vehicles (NONE AT THE MOMENT) 10: Mission list 11: Frequently Asked Questions 12: Contact info 13: Credits 14: Boilerplate ======================================================== *1* TERMS IN THE GUIDE ======================================================== This is a listing of all the special terms used in this guide. Unlike the previous GTAs, tires are apparently also immune to being popped by gunfire. This vehicle will not catch fire or otherwise take damage from molotovs. Does not stop the car itself from exploding if somehow critically damaged. This car cannot be damaged by bashing it around (into other cars, walls, etc.) or by melee attacks (unproven).

This guide lists all known proofed, special property, unique, and even rare vehicles (which often have to be unlocked). Only cars that have some special feature such as proofing, special paintjob, special features, or can only be acquired via missions are included. This guide may inadvertently contain spoilers of story missions! Windows cannot be damaged, and shots will not count towards the car being destroyed. This car is immune to explosive damage, such as from grenades, rocket launchers, or exploding cars.

Unique - This vehicle is unique and found in story missions only, or other limited-time availability missions, and thus can be missed altogether.

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