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There are a significant number of seforim that are considered “classic” commentaries on the Torah, including, for example, Rashi, Ibn Ezra, Radak, Ralbag and Ramban,

What is worthy of noting is that there may actually be a reason not to mention this particular edition - not because of the publisher but of the content. Moshe Greenes, in his commentary on the , takes the Mossad Ha Rav Kook edition to task for, in his mind, serious errors in that edition. Greenes opens (after going on a couple of tangents including claiming that then [1988] people were so lazy they can't get up to look for a sefer, or even turn pages they are so lazy) by praising R.

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It appears that even fully mentioning the name of this publisher was, in R. Chavel plagiarized on many occasions from the earlier commentary on the Ramban by R.

Wreschner's mind, unconscionable, even while bemoaning other forms of censorship. Kook, but a publishing house named after him is also taboo. Greenes spends the next 8 pages or so pointing out all the inadequacies of R.

The first edition, published between 1469-72,[1] in Rome was the first book published in that city and is available online here [it was also reprinted by Mekor with a short introduction by A. The most commonly used edition today is the edition by Charles B. 20% off The largest & most well-known singles dating site.