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Thus the Broadway/Chiswick dynasty that had effectively reigned since the days of the General came to an abrupt end.

All new brooms like to be seen to sweep clean, even if some of the items thus discarded are of benefit.

As far as I know, they were never fitted to the later “off the peg” designs operated in London.

A quick look through my own slides and negatives reveals no RF/RT/RM family example without the trims, but, on the internet, I have spotted one picture of an RT lacking these fittings whilst still in LT service.

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I doubt that few passengers ever noticed the difference, but I did!I’ve just had a look through Ken Blacker’s book ‘RT’ (Capital Transport,1979) and he states that ‘in November 1971 the order went out to garages to remove the discs.and their retaining brackets from the rear wheels of all vehicles….reason given was economy…..The postulated 1971 date of the decree stipulating the removal of the trims fits with the fact that, from 1st January 1970, London Transport came “under new management” when the Central Buses and Underground operations were transferred to the Greater London Council.

In the 10th June 1969 House of Lords debate on the proposed Transport London Bill, it was dismissively stated that “London Transport management is very weak”, this from a Tory politician whose career had been mostly in agriculture.

Some garages complied immediately and dealt with their entire fleet within a matter of days; others were more lethargic.