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I'm looking for confirm­ation in fool I'm not keen on Brussels sprout mashed with ice and coke - it's not acceptable I'm not one to think he will pass gas, Bill I'm not sure that boyfriend's holding inane documents I'm not sure try's given as a result I'm one in upcoming society concerned with eating disorder I'm overwhelmed by a friend's ill-will I'm reflecting on educational finance for expats I'm right to block nasty blog over supporting one tangled situation I'm so relieved!

I'm soon dancing on E and awfully smelly I'm staging reconstruction to generate excessive growth I'm surprised American soldier upset his old adversary I'm surprised outlaw's captured marsupial I'm surprised to get approval for trap I'm surprised to see Green in old steel town I'm surprised troops nearly block river I'm taken aback about swamp I'm thinking hedges close to garden have yet to be cut I'm thinking you should stop blocking the view!

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

I got stuck into rising tennis star, one likely to get seeded; failed horribly I grin awkwardly, keeping on doing some housework I guess I'd need dressing up for masquerade I had a house in an American state I had clerk starting late and finishing early — layabout I had smallest room, four, set up for composer I hate the new filling for ruddy lo-cal sandwiches I hate this time, being overwhelmed by a lot of those ideas I haul mimosa shrub latterly around island I have beastly struggles with mom’s old model of car on winding road I have been caught in trap and accept defeat I have invested in a car, where a boat is needed I have returned to impress, it's plain to see I have stone brought in to secure animals I have to follow guest appearance, perhaps, working in opposition I have trouble going westbound to the London area to make a connection I have, in Le Havre I head around Rhode Island from peninsula I hear an American poet solved the riddle of the pseudo hotel patron …I heard follower used to put dark side into orbit I heard that monarchs will suppress regressive personality I heartlessly intended to eat sweet, liking sauce I help Northern Ireland after reversal I I had turned into I II ignore picket fence in outskirts of suburb in California? I in "The King and I"I in radio alphabet I join Bond's boss arranging raid above ground level I just don't believe it!

I'm engaged in game, dismissing a second ringing of bell?

I'm engaged in Mass, a liturgy at sea I'm finally making amends for developing psychological warfare I'm giving up, overwhelmed by current state of US injustice I'm going to depart, body failing, end of life I'm going to pass on gold frames I'm here seizing special from Soho hotel that makes the old refrain from salt I'm in a state of exhil-aration I'm in agreement, being retired and over 50 :-)I'm in Poland and I have company somewhere in London I'm involved with goal mankind set wild sovereignty I'm involved with trade event's promotion I'm leaving, stop breaking my heart? I-90 runs along it I-90 runs through it I-95, e.g.: Abbr.

I may be seen in German city in 12I live with banishment after translating novella I love abandoning scene in play I love batter, primarily when flipping pancakes I love getting to the end of the case of eggnog I love the classic way?

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I love wearing rough pants up against it I love, in Mexico I love, to Livy I love, to Luis I love: Lat. I show skill surrounded by a lot of drinking I shrank in panic from god I simpered dreadfully in thin outer layer I sit in the box I built and I show off I slapped Alice's bum - no good and not a logical way to win an argument I soon made up with them, with no hard feelings I specially chose woolly at first, seeing such entertainment? I started out with furrows (naturally)I state "lives must take precedence"I stay true, prepared for great self-denial I stop eliminating lives, in other words I stop tucking into cod, say — far too tough I stray, running into soldiers in mountain ranges I stress?