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I promoted it on the chalkboard in an SF bar last night, no way to track those conversions though. Love the "Journey of Creating a Physical Product" live ongoing case study episode.Nice to hear from someone who is right at the beginning of the business building process and your advice was excellent! I'd love to hear more about the 'ah ha' moments these individuals had along the way. There's so many to options out there now, I didn't think I needed another one. Such easy flow of conversations on topics you don't usually hear people ask. Listened to the Tim Ferriss interview so I could leave an honest review.I ear guzzled all 5 launch week podcast episodes and they did not disappointment. Keep it up, and if you ever need some mandolin to go with that banjo, hollar at me. I have always searched out podcasts where he is a guest so it's great that I will be able to find him regularly on his own show.The episode with “fan-boy” Justin episode the best so far. Of course if Neville shows up, that will be my favorite episode. Because it's awesome to learn from someone who has been there, done that, and didn't get complacent. First episodes are great and I look forward to many more. You are an excellent communicator, and I have learned a lot from you.Always leave with a positive feeling after one of your webinar/presentations. Ive been an entrepreneur since I was 15 and actually through you I started following rich20something, which oddly enough now brought me back to you and your new podcast. I left a review - told my peeps about you - and I'm excited to hear all your podcasts! I was ecstatic to help promote this once I checked out the first episode, and also posted on Facebook and Twitter. I remember first listening to you back when you were doing Action Stream (? I've been kind of swearing off listening to yet another interview with a business dude, because I've kind of overdone it (with lesser mortals). But I wanted to enter your contest, shameless admission, and I had to walk the dog, and the only new podcasts on my phone are political, and I just needed a fricking break today from any political antics. I ended up face to face with a sign I have never ever seen before, a not-new sign warning of hunters (bow and arrow and guns). We can do transcriptions and translations for polish language. I’m sure there are other Marcin in Germany, France and so one who would love to help you - “If you help me reach 100k downloads this month I will run naked over the Bat Bridge” that’s just a suggestion. Try to imagin: 5k of us in one time watching your FBlive, and than you ask us “pls share this FBlive” 80% will do it in a seconds. I joined the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur course and it's a simple course that goes over the very basics of entrepreneurship, the psychology and framework to keep trying until something sticks.Thank you for all the info you put out there, I love the business model that you've made throughout the years because its a add value first, ask later model. I first was introduced to you via the Tim Ferriss show podcast and have since frequented your blog on Ok Dork and also use Sumo Me for my blog! Noah kagan Rocks, ive gone out there and posted on facebook, on my facebook page, and even emailed my co-workers! Thanks for always bringing insane value to the table! What's missing is never the "actionable information" it's the action part.Just listened to #7 - How to Come up with a Business Idea. I figured out how to do it and now have my own video recording studio. Good luck this year I know you will get surpass your goal of monthly downloads. I have been really pleased listening to the first 5 clips. Would love to hear more of this type of content - people currently in the weeds, trying to get their ideas off the ground. if i win this it would be amazing, I would really enjoy the perks but most definitely I would give everything away if I had to choose only one of the prizes and that is the day with Noah... 🙂 My recommendation for Noah's PODCAST: - start using your prv FB account to promote your shit. What do you draw confidence from when the last accomplishment you had was when you were the drum major for middle school band and you won honor band that year? What kind of people should you ensure are in your network? also FYI my i Tunes review is under a different email than my Sumo Me acct, not sure if that affects your analytics or not. I've heard several interviews with some of your guests so I'm super impressed that you've managed to ask questions I haven't heard before.

😉 just kidding I liked the content, but I think the production quality could use a little work. You ask excellent, honest questions others avoid such as asking Tim Ferriss about balding, a question everyone is wondering deep down, but are too self conscious or shy to ask. I don't think my mom would know how to listen to a podcast. It was great hearing non-standard questions being thrown at Tim Ferriss. Quality got better as Podcast 2 progressed, but the first 10 minutes was a little distracting. So, I subscribed, then listened to the episode with Jason Fried and used his advice on website design. By the way, nowhere in your steps above did you mention to actually listen to your podcasts! Since then I've been less fearful of failing b/c I really have nothing to lose I came, I saw I subscribed.

I can't wait to see all the great people Noah interviews and all the great things Noah will share with us through this podcast. I am 24 and it's awesome to hear advice from someone my age.

I've already shared on Facebook and Linked in, and can't wait to share every podcast that comes out. Shared on Twitter and in said in my review.... is vital for the future of business and entrepreneurship. At the end of the episode you gave us a challenge - spend 10min a day working on something new.

The beginning of the Jason Fried episode was a bit abrupt. As a creative musician artist creating meditation and hustle music in the personal and professional development arena, I love to hear from interesting and entertaining entrepreneurs because it is inspiring to see professionals having fun and building wealth in creative ways! I'm excited for you and I'm glad you decided to start down this path. - Adam Cohen Love what you're doing here...really enjoy your casual interview style. So much more effective than my usual graphics-first approach. I have always enjoyed your style of newslettery so it stood to reason that a podcast would be a great platform for you.

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Also, I think I missed the deadline, but I wanted to make sure I had listened to a few before reviewing. I have rated your podcast on i Tunes, and promoted this to my Linked In and Twitter accounts, and look forward to winning some SWAG!! Loving it so far, so thanks for doing what you're doing. His interviews on other podcasts have been among my faves.

Hopefully get to meet you and share some of my Music. Great interview with Tim Ferriss, who's 5 min daily journalling has changed my life.